About this novel

**** NOTE: Bartlett House has been published and will be available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook versions. We have removed the PDF version and now only have the first eight chapters available for reading free. If you like Bartlett House, please purchase it. Thank you. ****

When a fire burns down the historic Bartlett House, the body of young activist, Emmy d’Angelo is found inside, dressed in bondage gear. Her older lover, professor Will Adelhardt, is under suspicion, but the manner in which Emmy is found is incomprehensible to Adelhardt, who is devastated by her loss. Now he must take a dark voyage through the past and his own tortured soul to find out what happened to her. Will Adelhardt and his journalist friend, Lucy Hidalgo embark on a journey through Portland, Oregon’s history from sixties protest to the nineteenth-century lumber barons to radical Louise Bryant.

Bartlett House is an exciting mystery-thriller with undertones of magical realism.

* * *

We began this novel in 1999, writing in coffeeshops near our home in Montavilla (Portland, Oregon). Patty and I were both working part time at our day jobs, so we had a lot of time to experiment with this new idea of team writing. For the next two years, we worked on it constantly. I would write a chapter, and Patty would rework it, or she would draft a chapter, and I would do the rewriting. We found that we both had very compatible writing styles, and we had a lot of fun in the process.

Then came 9/11, and the W wars. Two years of political activism, depression, and writing drought occurred before we were able to come back to our task. But, finally, in January of 2004, we finished the draft you see here.

This unpublished novel is our gift to the world. We are posting it in weekly releases through May 14, 2009. We hope you enjoy it.

If you like it, and you have the means, consider donating a couple of dollars to Elohi Gadugi, our nonprofit.

Duane Poncy